Terms of using

Rendering electronic services by AdviceBot

1. Definitions

  • Service Provider - Account AdviceBot#3135 (ID: 943224968420925492) on the Discord platform.
  • Service - The website available at https://advicebot.info/.
  • Discord - An application owned by Discord Inc.
  • User - Any person using the Bot or the Service

2. General provisions

  • The Service Provider provides the User with a service consisting of delivering and maintaining the functionality of the Bot and the Service. As part of this service, users have access to the Bot's functions and the panel on the Service.
  • The Service Provider will not be responsible for inconveniences or interruptions in the Service resulting from force majeure, illegal actions of third parties, application failures, and Discord API interface, and the inconsistency of the User's infrastructure with the Service or Bot, provided that everything is in accordance with the law.

3. Technical requirements

Conditions enabling the use of the Service are:
  • an account on the Discord application;
  • devices with Internet access and a properly configured, up-to-date web browser with enabled support for Cookies and JavaScript scripts (or the Discord client application in the case of using only the Bot).

4. Terms of service

  • The Administrator has the right to block access to the service for a User violating these rules;
  • It is forbidden to take actions within the service:
    • violating Polish or European law;
    • violating the Discord Community Guidelines or Discord Terms of Service;
    • having a harmful impact on the operation of the service and entities cooperating with the Administrator;
    • violating the security and privacy of other Users, the Administrator, or a cooperating entity;
  • Without the consent of the service provider, attempts to detect weaknesses in the service are prohibited.

5. Personal data protection

Processes of personal data processing are described in detail in the Privacy Policy. The Administrator makes every effort (i.e., applies technical and organizational measures) to ensure the security of processed information. All external entities processing Users' personal data have been carefully selected, and information that is not necessary for the provision of the Service is processed only with the User's consent. The User has the option of using the Service under a pseudonym (i.e., without disclosing their personal data). This pseudonym should be set on the Discord account.

6. Final Provisions

  • The Service Provider reserves the right to deactivate/suspend the operation of the Service without prior notice to Users.
  • The regulations are effective from the date of publication on the website.
  • In the absence of provisions in the Regulations, the provisions of Polish law apply, in particular the Civil Code, the Act of May 30, 2014, on consumer rights, and the Act of July 18, 2002, on the provision of electronic services.